Thousands watch Vulcan's display

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Thousands watch Vulcan's display

Beitragvon White Cap » Sonntag 6. Juli 2008, 17:33

Source: BBC

Thousands watch Vulcan's display - 5 July 2008

Thousands of people turned out to see a Cold War bomber's first flight at an airshow in 15 years.

The Vulcan, which cost £7m to restore, flew in a five minute display at The RAF Waddington International Air Show in Lincolnshire on Saturday.

The Civil Aviation Authority gave permission for the plane to fly from its base in Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire on Friday. About 125,000 people turned out to see the Vulcan's milestone flight. Some 20,000 people have contributed to the restoration fund for the bomber. A total of £2.7m funding also came from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Extra: - Youtube link: -

download - Vulcan XH558 Takeoff at RAF Waddington
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Re: Thousands watch Vulcan's display

Beitragvon vanti » Dienstag 8. Juli 2008, 13:59

ein imposantes flugzeug mit einem wahnsinnigen sound... da lacht das herz :D
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