JAG on the move...

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JAG on the move...

Beitragvon Triple Nickel » Sonntag 1. Februar 2009, 11:25

Yesterday, 31/01 a RAF Jag was seen in Venlo (Blerick), The Netherlands. Aircraft involved is XZ355.

This is an ex: Coltishall Jag, but a frequent visitor to Laarbruch. Now it was in the area again, only on the back of a truck... :oops: :oops:

I can't post a photo here cos I'm not the photographer, but you can find the pic at> http://www.sgniederrhein.eu/scenearound ... round.html

Greetz, Ron
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Re: JAG on the move...

Beitragvon Copter » Montag 2. Februar 2009, 18:39

The Jaguar was seen yesterday (sunday) on a truck trailer and was difficult to photograph from the public road. Today (monday) the Jaguar was seen on a truck trailer from another company. I think the transport was planned to departed in a short time.
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Re: JAG on the move...

Beitragvon crus8der » Samstag 7. Februar 2009, 17:34

Jag doesn't move anymore :lol:

Ancona, 6 February 2009 - Raf Jaguar fighter-bomber blocked at the port of Ancona by the staff of Customs and the Guardia di Finanza. Loading, very particular, was being loaded on board a vessel as the port of Patras greek, perhaps only partial use of the airplane. The sample of air war had not been concealed in a particular way, just covered with cloth to protect it.

To enable the movement was divided into two parts transported by trailer dedicated to special cargo: on the one hand, the fuselage, the other two wings. The two trailers were hooked to the same number plates driving with Greek, as Greek were the people who took care of the load. The operation was conducted yesterday and now the leaders of the two bodies have immediately informed the Ministry of Defense has already started investigations.

And 'now likely that the Ministry staff will be in Ancona for the study of the documentation that accompanies the strange cargo. The doubt is related to the owners and operators of aircraft to transport them. Doubts about its nature are many, although the persons apprehended crossing from Chios yesterday were saying that quell'esemplare is destined to become a museum piece.

A careful analysis shows, however, that the medium can still be fully functional, with all the parts in place. Surely that airplane has been used in the past, on this the officials who carried out the kidnapping are certain precautionary. Doubt, despite the assurances of those involved with the transport on the potential of offensiv hunting.

On the fuselage, still in pretty good condition, there are several portraits, badges and flags, for now we know with almost absolute certainty that this is a fighter bomber production of English. Most likely it was in service to Raf, the British Royal Air Force, the Air Force for OVERSEAS.
Pending the further development of the story, perhaps arriving already today, the load has passed the night in the gate area of customs at the port entrance where he remained until the resolution of the case.

Hunting still offensive or not, the fact remains that the port of Ancona in the period was affected by a variety of weapons trafficking or weapons which have attracted much attention. We can not forget, in fact, the detention of a mold for the manufacture of aircraft-spy commissioned an Italian firm dall'Israele.

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