MOD reveals £160 billion plan to equip Armed Forces

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MOD reveals £160 billion plan to equip Armed Forces

Beitragvon White Cap » Freitag 1. Februar 2013, 07:55

Source: Gov.UK

MOD reveals £160 billion plan to equip Armed Forces

The Ministry of Defence has today published details of how it will equip the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force over the next 10 years and how this will be funded.

The equipment plan includes the following major investments in state-of-the-art military capabilities and their support over the next ten years:

• £35.8 billion on submarines and the nuclear deterrent, including a total of 7 Astute Class attack submarines, and developing a replacement for Vanguard Class ballistic missile submarines;

• £18.5 billion on combat air power, including Lightning II and Typhoon fast jets and unmanned aerial vehicles;

• £17.4 billion on ships, including 2 Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, 6 Type 45 destroyers and the development of the Type 26 Global Combat Ship;

• £13.9 billion on aircraft for air-to-air refuelling, passengers and heavy lift, such as Voyager and A400M;

• £12.3 billion on armoured fighting vehicles, including Warrior, Scout and other land equipment;

• £12.1 billion on helicopters, including Chinook, Apache, Puma and Wildcat;

• £11.4 billion on weapons, including, for example, missiles, torpedoes and precision guided bombs.

The Defence Equipment Plan gives the defence industry more information than ever before about the MOD’s priorities to enable companies to invest in the capabilities the military will require.
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