NRN 02-10-2019

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NRN 02-10-2019

Beitragvon Zonan » Donnerstag 3. Oktober 2019, 15:07

Pretty busy day today, with 2 bizjets, 2 props, a lot of training flights and the Swiss Air Force Beech 350.
Went to NRN for a few hours, sadly missed the Czech PC12 and Polish C172, which were very early.
Luckily the sun came for most of the morning.

1. OE-FHK, the Globe Air Cessna 510 Citation Mustang.
BildOE-FHK by Zonan Adolfse, on Flickr

In the southwest of the airport, you can stand on top of some old shelters to get a great view at taxiway Bravo and the runway. I was hoping that the Swiss was going to exit the runway there, but they backtracked :(
2. EI-DAN from the shelter.
BildEI-DAN by Zonan Adolfse, on Flickr

3. D-EGMM and a few others did some training flights today.
BildD-EGMM by Zonan Adolfse, on Flickr

When the Swiss backtracked, I went to the GAT. When I got there, they were still at taxiway Charlie, waiting for their departure.
BildT-721 by Zonan Adolfse, on Flickr

5. EI-DAN taxied by for departure.
BildEI-DAN by Zonan Adolfse, on Flickr

6. After some waiting they taxied back to taxiway Delta for their departure.
BildT-721 by Zonan Adolfse, on Flickr

Regards, Zonan
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Re: NRN 02-10-2019

Beitragvon Rolf » Donnerstag 3. Oktober 2019, 16:01

Für NRN-Verhältnisse ein richtig buntes Programm. Sehr schön und vielen Dank!
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Re: NRN 02-10-2019

Beitragvon mattes » Freitag 4. Oktober 2019, 06:38

Danke für die Fotos. :)
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