NRN 26 and 27-06-2018

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NRN 26 and 27-06-2018

Beitragvon Zonan » Montag 13. August 2018, 13:53


I know this is posted a little late, but I wasn't on this forum back then
I heard shots on the shooting ranch, so my guess is that there was a military training, which explains these military planes to be here

on the 26th I saw these:

USAF Learjet C-21A (LJ35) was here for 2 days
84-0087 by zonan.adolfse, on Flickr

Bundespolizei Eurocopter EC135 stopped by to refuel
D-HVBE by zonan.adolfse, on Flickr

Belgian Air Force NH90 helicopter also stopped by for a day
RN-01 by zonan.adolfse, on Flickr

Then on the 27th there were these:

Czech Air Force Let L-410, this one was here 2 days earlier as well, but I didn't manage to catch it that day
2710 by zonan.adolfse, on Flickr

This Beech 1900D by Private Wings has come several times, I catched it on this day
D-COCA by zonan.adolfse, on Flickr

Hope you enjoyed these pictures :)
I understand German, I speak English or Dutch. Photos:
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Re: NRN 26 and 27-06-2018

Beitragvon Oliver » Montag 13. August 2018, 15:11

Nice pics
Meine Signatur?,..... die ist in Kur.......:-)
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Re: NRN 26 and 27-06-2018

Beitragvon heinz-w » Montag 13. August 2018, 15:27

very nice - thanks for sharing
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Re: NRN 26 and 27-06-2018

Beitragvon Rolf » Montag 13. August 2018, 22:32

Thanks very much.

Most military visitors come for the for the central air surveillance station in Uedem and Kalkar ("Zentrum Luftüberwachung"): ... MK599BA6N5
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