Registration Request: 2013-Mar-10 FR4305

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Registration Request: 2013-Mar-10 FR4305

Beitragvon planesrgr8 » Mittwoch 3. Mai 2023, 18:10

Hello! I've been trying to fill in some holes in my personal flight log and I'm having trouble locating the tail number/registration for a Ryanair flight I took into Weeze. I've searched through as many sources and old ACARS logs as I can find, but I still am missing this flight. I'm hopeful that someone here might have some additional information!

2013-Mar-10 FR4305 BLQ-NRN 20:55-22:45 B738

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can provide.
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Re: Registration Request: 2013-Mar-10 FR4305

Beitragvon Markus » Mittwoch 3. Mai 2023, 18:53

I am aware of this website that goes back the most in time at over five years:
But I do not know any online site dating back for ten years.
Coincidentally, I was on exactly the same flight seven days earlier, but that doesn't help you in your request....
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Re: Registration Request: 2013-Mar-10 FR4305

Beitragvon Zonan » Samstag 6. Mai 2023, 08:07

This should have been EI-EVM ;)
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